Contributions from Norwegian experts to Portuguese reality!

Simsea promoted, also on March 24th, a mind-mapping session for Norwegian experts from the Maritime sector to debate good practices suitable to be transferred to Portugal, ensuring the at distance and blended training and STCW courses!

A total of 9 professionals, trainers, tutors and experts acting in the field of training in the Norwegian maritime sector, actively participated in the session, discussing the:

  • Preconditions and resources needed to successfully adopt and incorporate distance and blended learning for the maritime sector
  • Knowledge, skills and aptitudes to be adopted by training professionals to assure distance and blended learning with high quality
  • Good practices of distance and blended learning existing in Norway that may be used as “inspiration” to Portuguese organisations and professionals.

From the session, partners got results related with the:

  • Structure and pedagogic strategies to follow and adopt related to at distance and blended courses
  • Digital equipment and platforms that can be an added value to the promotion of at distance and blended learning
  • Human resources that need to be identified and mobilize to promote at distance and blended courses of high-quality
  • Examples of good practices that can inspire Portuguese professionals to strengthen the quality of at distance and blended learning offer
  • Desirable profile of trainers, tutors and at distance and blended courses

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