First working meeting between Portuguese and Norwegian experts!

How to match the experience and know-how of Norwegian experts with the needs and objectives of Portuguese training organizations in the maritime sector concerning the promotion of at distance and blended learning and STCW courses?

This was the moto to gather 24 professionals, tutors and trainers from both countries in discussing possibilities of cooperation and increasing synergies to overcome the challenges identified in the national sessions and reach the project’s objectives.

The session started with the presentation of the results from the sessions promoted in Portugal (check it here) and in Norway (check it here), followed by an interactive activity to discuss 8 questions:

  • How to proceed with learning monitoring/follow up and learning outcomes evaluation and validation?
  • How to proceed with the simulations in b-learning/at distance learning?
  • How to overcome the lack of digital literacy among trainees?
  • How to prepare and apply practical exercises in b-learning/at distance learning?
  • How to overcome the constraint of lack of digital training equipment/quality of the equipment and lack of resources to acquire it?
  • How to overcome the constraint of having limited internet access onboard?
  • Tips to assure the functionality of the blended/at distance learning course
  • Which profile should e-trainers have?

The results from the three mind-mapping sessions – the national mind-mapping session and the joint session – were gathered and can be seen in the document “Mind-mapping matrix” available in English (here).

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