Portuguese trainers visited Simsea headquarters in Haugesund!

A three-day study visit was done in May 2022, allowing Portuguese trainers to be enrolled in meetings and activities to see and discuss practices to prepare and promote at disistance/blended learning methodologies for the maritime sector!

The visit was planned by Simsea, as Norwegian expert and compromised of:

  • Workshops on structuring and preparing at distance and blended courses
  • Sessions of a demonstration on how to use simulators in learning
  • Meeting with a representative from a company benefiting from courses promoted by Simsea
  • Briefings on how to prepare materials and online setting to proceed with at distance and blended courses
  • Preparation of the video on good practices
  • Brainstorming related to the methodology to be developed in the scope of the project

Two main outcomes will be produced as a result from this visit and include:

  • A video on good practices of at distance and blended learning in the maritime sector (available in English and Portuguese)
  • On The Wave methodology strategy (accessible here)

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