On The Wave project gathers Portuguese experts in working sessions!

On the 27th and 28th of October of 2022, For-Mar with the support from SPEA promoted a set of three working sessions with Portuguese experts from the maritime sector.

Alguns contributos recebidos durante uma das sessões.

The sessions were promoted in the scope of the On The Wave project and involved 41 participants, including representatives from policymakers, companies, employees associations, VET providers and external experts in the fields.

The objective of the sessions was to identify the needs and trends of the sector related to digital skills, sustainable practices and communication on board and started with the discussion towards the relevance of these three areas in the three sectors: fishery, marine tour operators and merchant an inland water transports.

The team of the project is analysing the results from the three sessions, from which will result the:

  • On the Wave Competences Framework
  • Short-duration training toolkit

We invite you to follow the page of the project on Twitter 🔛 https://twitter.com/OnTheWaveBlue.

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