Portuguese Catalogue of Qualification: the contribution of the On The Wave project!

One of the results of the project will be the short-duration training units for the capacity building of professionals from the maritime sector, suitable to be integrated in the National Catalogue of Qualification!

These short-duration training units are being developed following a participatory approach, consisting of:

  • 3 meetings of the working groups with 41 stakeholders from the sectors of fishery, marine tourism, and merchant an inland water transports to identify the needs, gaps and trends in these sectors towards the digital, green and communication competences (see news here)
  • 2 bilateral meetings with 4 elements from the DGRM – Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services to jointly promote the short-duration training units in the three areas

    As mentioned, three areas of competences were selected by the consortium as being relevant to the maritime sector:

    Multiple requirements are emerging at the National and International levels that clearly show the increasing need of being able to daily work with several digital services in the maritime industry, requiring professionals with the adequate digital competences to work and progress in the sector.

      Another important extension of the set of cores of competences for maritime professionals is the green competences set. This set broadly consists of the competences required to limit pollution and environmentally damaging emissions caused by the routine operations of ships, in the event of an emergency, as well as other sub-sectors of the maritime industry.

      Furthermore, more than ever is essential to assure efficient communication competences within the maritime professions, especially since many times they work in an international and multicultural environment.

      From this activity partners will develop two main results to be available in English and Portuguese:

      • Competences Framework with the description of the competences to be considered in each area of competences
      • Short-duration training toolkit, including a training programme, competences profile and the materials to support it

      Both resources will be implemented in formal and non-formal learning settings in Portugal by For-Mar and SPEA between April and June/2023.

      Stay tuned and follow the news related to this implementation!

      We encourage you to follow the project’s Twitter page https://twitter.com/OnTheWaveBlue .

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