Recognition of the training offer by Portuguese and Norwegian policy bodies!

The short-duration training units and STCW courses are being analysed by National policy bodies for recognition and cotntinuous provision of the training in the two countries!

The methodology behind the On The Wave project comprised the promotion of events and meetings involving different stakeholders, including policymakers, with the aim of recognizing and certify the training offer structured.

Among the training offer designed, the consortium provides 6 short-duration training units (SDTU) and 3 STCW courses, including:

  • SDTU Whale Watching by Maritime Tour Operators
  • SDTU Ocean Conservation
  • SDTU Operating Electronic Charts
  • SDTU Basic Digital Skills for Seafarers
  • SDTU English Language – Communication on Board
  • SDTU Marine Animal Catcher and Pedestrian Fisherman Course
  • STCW Crowd management and safety training for personnel providing direct service to passengers in passenger spaces
  • STCW Training course for maritime instructors
  • STCW Train the simulator trainer and assessor

In the case of the short-duration training units, the consortium is making efforts to:

  • Get the validation from ANQEP for the integration of the 6 short-duration training units in the Portuguese Qualification Framework;
  • Get approval from the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) to consider the unit Whale Watching by Maritime Tour Operators as training for the Maritime Tour Operators profession;
  • Integrate the unit Marine Animal Catcher and Pedestrian Fisherman course as part of the For-Mar training offer as defined in the Decree nr. 229/2023, of 23rd of July (see here);
  • Proceed with the development of the structure, content and materials of the unit Electronic Fishing logbook to comply with the Council Regulation (EC) 1224/2009 of 20 November 2009 (available here).

To be able to accomplish this, two meetings were done with policymakers: one in February/2023 with Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM) to discuss the focus and content of the SDTU (more information here); a second one in November/2023 with the National Agency for the Qualification and Vocational Education and Training (ANQEP) to discuss the SDTU and their integration in the National Catalogue of Qualifications (NCQ).

Concerning the STCW courses, the following actions were undertaken or are planned:

  • Request approval of the courses by the National Maritime Authorities of the two countries;
  • Integration of these courses in the training offer to be provided by Simsea and For-Mar from 2024 forward, once the courses are approved;
  • Consider the Training Course for Maritime Instructors as mandatory for the For-Mar trainers

There were no policy meetings to be able to recognise these courses, but 6 inception sessions involving 24 participants were promoted to ensure the alignment of the courses with the National regulations and requirements and the companies’ needs towards training and qualification.

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